Posters tell of animal rights, protection and to remind people to help stray animals. The campaign is launched at Alanya's many billboards.

The message on the posters is: "All suffering in the same way when they are abandoned," "Do not leave me," "Animals are living beings, and has the right to live," "Put a bowl of water on the street to the animals on these hot summer days "

In addition, in order to make it easier for dog owners to ensure cleanliness in the city, set up special bins in selected parks and gardens in various parts of Alanya. There are also bowls with fresh water and food set out for stray animals.

The head of Alanya Municipality Parks and Gardens, manager Nazmi Uyar said that they have created public toilets for dogs, and now the owners of the animals can use special dog bags to clean up after their pets. Uyar also says that last year it was established containers 10 different places in Alanya; the west entrance, Damlatas Abdur Rahman Alaattinoglu Park, Central Park, in the harbor, Anilgan Park trail and the Municipal Park.

This year, after several requests from the citizens, we got an additional 10 containers more, so now there are 20 places where you can get rid of dog bags. All together to ensure a cleaner Alanya


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